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Electronic Technician

Jupiter, FL

Order: 176275

If you are seeking a work environment that has a wealth of new opportunities for advancement and fascinating daily challenges, this may be the place for you. Our organization is looking for highly skilled individuals who have what it takes to be an electronic technician. Your ideas and expertise can help our company fine tune our production and manufacturing processes and influence changes to the way we do business. As an electronic technician, your input could push our organization closer to our monthly and quarterly sales goals. You can join our multidisciplinary team of experts and develop new knowledge and skills in the industry.

Job Responsibilities

  • Evaluate electronic components related to the production process or the quality of final product parts and determine when there is a need for changes to the process.

  • Decipher complex plans, drawings, diagrams, blueprints and instructions in order to complete installation or practice troubleshooting of electronics systems, parts or wiring networks.

  • Record information and results about product or electronic performance by detailing testing methods, documenting possible issues and listing part specifications.

  • Partner with mechanical or electrical engineers to fine tune the repair and diagnostic process in the work environment.

  • Diagnose and repair problems with malfunctioning circuitry networks, ineffective electronic pieces, and missing or inoperative parts.

  • Maintain all equipment and components by performing scheduled maintenance tasks, ensuring calibration of equipment and scheduling replacement when needed.

  • Communicate with customers, team members, engineers or management to determine possible problems or update individuals with work progress.

  • Improve understanding and expertise in the field by regularly attending workshops, classes, conferences and training sessions in electronics and engineering.


Job Skills & Qualifications


  • Associate’s degree or some college coursework in electronics or engineering

  • Completion of a certificate program in the field

  • Excellent ability to solve complex problems

  • Top organizational skills and attention to detail


  • Comfortable working in a team or independently

  • Strong manual dexterity


$50,000/yr. - $55,000/yr