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Associate Career Consultant

West Palm Beach,, FL

Order: 174949

Manpower is temporarily hiring an Associate Career Consultant for a client in the Palm Beach Gardens area.




Position Summary:


Provides career coaching services enabling program clients/job seekers to attain their stated employment goals. Works under the close supervision of a Supervisor, Manager, or Senior Career Consultant.




  • Helps to determine and recommend client/job seeker eligibility to participate in specific programs.

  • Administers and interprets assessment tools to determine skills levels and help clients better determine career goals.

  • Identifies barriers to employment for individual clients, provides coaching on career planning and initiates referrals to workshops, occupational skills training and other types of training as appropriate.

  • Assists client with identifying appropriate job opportunities.

  • Offers advice on resume preparation, interviewing skills, salary negotiation, networking, and other aspects of the job search process.

  • Maintains timely case notes and accurate case files according to SOP's, regulations and laws. Ensures all data is accurately entered into the appropriate tracking system.

  • Provides follow-up on each case for a minimum of 12 months after placement to ensure employment retention.

  • Works closely with supervisor and/or Sr. Career Consultants to develop in-depth knowledge of workforce programs.

  • Works across boundaries to ensure a seamless process for helping clients.

  • Provides excellent customer service to every client or potential client.

  • Work at front desk, tracking clients through the Tracking System and making sure all clients are assisted by locating the various departments for appointments and providing information on on-sites, workshops, job search, and new programs launched.

  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


Knowledge, Skills, Qualifications:


  • Associate Degree or equivalent of 2 years college and a minimum of 1 year experience in office environment or customer service or equivalent combination of both is required.

  • Functional technical skills needed include a working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.).

  • Bilingual is preferred and may be required for some positions.

  • Tier I Training and Passing of the Certificate Exam is required withing six (6) months.




  • Customer Focus - Is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirement pf internal and external customers; gets first-hand customer information and uses it for improvements in products and services; acts with customer in mind; establishes and maintains effective relationships with customer and gains their trust and respect.

  • Functional/Technical Skills - Has the functional and technical knowledge and skills to do the job at a high level of accomplishment.

  • Time Management - Uses his/her time effectively and efficiently; values time concentrates his/her efforts on the more important priorities; gets more done in less time than others; can attend to a broader range of activities.

  • Interpersonal Savvy - Relates well to all kinds of people, up, down, and sideways, inside and outside the organization; builds constructive and effective relationships; uses diplomacy and tact; can diffuse even high-tension situations comfortably.

  • Listening - Practices attentive and active listening; has the patience to hear people out; can accurately restate the opinions of others even when he/she disagrees.

  • Patience - Is tolerant with people and processes; listens and checks before acting; tries to understand the people and the data before making judgments and acting; waits for others to catch up before acting; sensitive to due process and proper pacing; follows established process.

  • Approachability - Is easy to approach and talk to; spends the extra effort to put others at ease; can be warm, pleasant, and gracious; is sensitive to and patient with the interpersonal anxieties of others; builds rapport well; is a good listener; is an early knower, getting informal and incomplete information in time to do something about it.

  • Learning on the Fly - Learns quickly when facing new problems; a relentless and versatile learner; open to change; analyze both successes and failures for clues to improvement; experiments and will try anything to find solutions; enjoys the challenge of unfamiliar tasks; quickly grasps the essence and the underlying structure of anything.




Hours are from 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday.