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Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Order: 168998

Do you want a rewarding job that will change people's’ lives? Manpower of Riviera Beach is looking for a part time service-oriented and energetic Dispatcher/Staffing Specialist who has the drive to put people to work, help them develop, and connect their skills to meaningful work.


There are no slow days in this fast paced, high-demand position. ?Your “multi-tasking” skills will be put to the test as you prioritize multiple requests and regularly face unexpected challenges that don’t have easy answers.



The Dispatcher role will be responsible for putting people to work, help them get ahead, and connect their skills to clients. Driving all aspects of the full cycle recruitment process while providing an exceptional experience and service to our candidates, associates and clients.



Skills Required

Documentation, Data Entry, Telephone Skills, Informing Others, Listening, Verbal Communication, Energy Level, Multi-tasking, Dependability, Emotional Control, Reporting Skills, Needs to be someone who thrives in a fast-changing environment. ?


Job Duties

• Complete time slips for orders

• Dispatch (AM)

• Disperse petty cash as needed

• Take orders from clients via phone and email

• Assign orders

• Print out next day’s dispatch orders

• Accept and process applications

• Interview applicants

• File application paperwork

• Keep track of supplies & order/pick up as needed

• Answer phones

• Recruit employees (via online advertising, in person, at job fairs, etc.)

• Organize and prepare received time tickets for payroll on Friday (including tallying up advances and transportation fees) (AM)

• Print paychecks

• Schedule maintenance on work car




• Industry: 1 year experience in staffing, customer service, and/or sales

• Education: High school diploma or equivalent

• Technical: Digital Literacy: desktop (e.g., MS Word and Outlook).



5:30am- 10:30am and 1:00pm- 5:00pm

Hours can sometimes run longer so you must be flexible



$15/hr.- $16/hr.